Package be.ugent.caagt.swirl.menus

Provides XML-based configuration of buttons and menus.


Class Summary
MenuBuilder Allows menus to be constructed from a configuration file.

Exception Summary
MenuConfigurationException Indicates a menu configuration error.

Package be.ugent.caagt.swirl.menus Description

Provides XML-based configuration of buttons and menus. The most important class of this package is MenuBuilder which can be used to build menus, tool bars and individual buttons from descriptions given in an XML configuration file. All descriptions are internationalized by means of a corresponding resource bundle.

More information can be found in the MenuBuilder tutorial.

Button descriptions

For each button or menu item, the following information can be placed in the configuration file: You can also configure caption, mnemonic and acceleration key for menus and submenus.

Actions, toggles and groups.

Menu items and tool bar buttons are built indirectly from one of the following types of entities: Actions, toggles and groups have an associated identifier, allowing the same entity to occur more than once in the same application, in which case they will share their model.