Uses of Interface

Packages that use GenericSelectionModel
be.ugent.caagt.swirl Various simple classes that do not fit into one of the other packages of this library. 
be.ugent.caagt.swirl.menus Provides XML-based configuration of buttons and menus. 
be.ugent.caagt.swirl.mouse Provides mouse overlay panels which enable different mouse 'tools' to be associated with a single panel. 

Uses of GenericSelectionModel in be.ugent.caagt.swirl

Classes in be.ugent.caagt.swirl that implement GenericSelectionModel
 class DefaultGenericSelectionModel<E>
          A default implementation of GenericSelectionModel.

Methods in be.ugent.caagt.swirl that return GenericSelectionModel
 GenericSelectionModel<E> GenericSelectionGroup.getModel()
          The selection model used by this group.

Constructors in be.ugent.caagt.swirl with parameters of type GenericSelectionModel
GenericSelectionGroup(GenericSelectionModel<E> model, boolean clearable)
          Create a selection group with the given model.

Uses of GenericSelectionModel in be.ugent.caagt.swirl.menus

Methods in be.ugent.caagt.swirl.menus with parameters of type GenericSelectionModel
<E> void
MenuBuilder.registerGroup(java.lang.String id, GenericSelectionModel<E> model, java.lang.Object... namesAndConstants)
          Register a selection group

Uses of GenericSelectionModel in be.ugent.caagt.swirl.mouse

Methods in be.ugent.caagt.swirl.mouse that return GenericSelectionModel
 GenericSelectionModel<MouseTool> MouseOverlay.getMouseToolModel()
          Return the underlying model which keeps track of what mouse tool is currently active.

Constructors in be.ugent.caagt.swirl.mouse with parameters of type GenericSelectionModel
MouseOverlay(javax.swing.JComponent parent, GenericSelectionModel<MouseTool> mouseToolModel)
          Creates a new instance of this class.