Interface TypedListModel<E>

All Superinterfaces:
java.util.Collection<E>, java.lang.Iterable<E>, java.util.List<E>, javax.swing.ListModel
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface TypedListModel<E>
extends javax.swing.ListModel, java.util.List<E>

Interface that combines ListModel and List. Classes implementing this interface can be used as models for lists of type E.

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface javax.swing.ListModel
addListDataListener, getElementAt, getSize, removeListDataListener
Methods inherited from interface java.util.List
add, add, addAll, addAll, clear, contains, containsAll, equals, get, hashCode, indexOf, isEmpty, iterator, lastIndexOf, listIterator, listIterator, remove, remove, removeAll, retainAll, set, size, subList, toArray, toArray