Package be.ugent.caagt.swirl.lists

Provides a new type of list (a cell list) and a generic list model.


Interface Summary
CellListCellRenderer Is responsible for painting a single element of a CellList.
CellListCellValue Objects of this type are intended to be used as elements of a CellList.
TypedListModel<E> Interface that combines ListModel and List.

Class Summary
ArrayListModel<E> Implementation of ListModel that behaves like an ArrayList and implements the interface List from the collections API.
CellList List component in which list items are layed out as cells in a grid.
DefaultCellListCellRenderer Default implementation of CellListCellRenderer.

Package be.ugent.caagt.swirl.lists Description

Provides a new type of list (a cell list) and a generic list model. A cell list uses a normal list model, but displays the list elements in a grid where each list element is displayed as an icon/text pair. (Similar to the cells of a file browser which display each file as an icon and a file name.)

A special CellListCellRenderer determines which icon and what text is displayed for each element. These renderers work best when the list elements implement the CellListCellValue interface.

Additionally, this package provides the class ArrayListModel, a ListModel which is at the same time an implementation of List from the Java Collections API.